Historic Hospitality Books creates exquisitely designed custom books for America’s iconic hotels, inns, resorts, spas, and historic destinations. A Historic Hospitality book is a photography book, a regional cookbook, and a souvenir/gift book all in one beautiful package and sold on site at these distinctive properties.

A Historic Hospitality book becomes an essential tool for your marketing and/or capital fundraising program. As our publishing partner, you will have access to a unique revenue-generating product which can result in increased marketability, sales and income, customer loyalty and amenity value.

If you take advantage of this publishing opportunity, our editorial, production, marketing and design staff will...

  • Professional expertise and guidance
    Our experienced staff will help guarantee that your completed book is the best possible representation of your site, as well as the most appealing product to your customers.
  • Tell your story
    Our writers will create a compelling narrative utilizing the historical information you provide and feature particular outstanding stories through interesting sidebars.
  • Showcase your property or location
    We will beautifully design your book utilizing the images you and the photographer provide.
  • Include recipes from your food venues
    We will incorporate recipes from your culinary team into your or provide classic regional recipes. Our editors will standardize the presentation and will edit for user-friendliness.
  • Manufacture, store, and insure the inventory on your completed title
  • Distribute published books through the wholesale and retail trade
    All Historic Hospitality books can be distributed into the gift, book and gourmet trade.



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