Favorite Recipes Press is the nation’s best-known and most respected custom cookbook company. Since 1961, we have produced over 150 award-winning cookbooks and other food related products. Top-ranked chefs, food and appliance manufacturers, restaurants and resorts, health organizations, Junior Leagues, nonprofit organizations, and others have partnered with us to create over 1,500 cookbook titles. This unique collection is available for purchase at www.cookbookmarketplace.com, as well as other online retailers and through book, gift, and gourmet stores across the country.

Favorite Recipes Press works with many different entities, each with its own unique structure and needs. The company's achievements are directly related to a strong commitment to the success of each customer served. Working together, in partnership, for a common goal - helping customers and their cookbooks be the best they can be - has always been our highest priority.

The Favorite Recipes Press team, with over 45 years of cookbook expertise, will custom design and create a cookbook that meets your strategic needs with your input and approvals along the way. Putting together a book with us is easy. We manage the entire process under one roof with one team of professional award-winning designers, editors, photographers, photo stylists, production and marketing experts.

Services We Offer

  • Experienced project managers
  • Online recipe submission
  • Database of over 20,000 recipes
  • Theme and title development
  • Recipe sorting and selection
  • Manuscript development
  • Recipe development
  • Recipe testing and editing
  • Award-winning book design
  • Photography and food styling
  • Nutritional profiling
  • Complete indexing
  • Professional proofreaders
  • Marketing and publicity campaign development
  • Wide selection of papers, bindings and layouts
  • Domestic or international printing capabilities
  • Product warehousing
  • Bulk and individual fulfillment services
  • National trade distribution through The Cookbook Marketplace
  • Custom payment options

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